Your Input Needed–Biologists Coming to Carlsbad Caverns!


Bat biologists Debbie Buecher and Diana Northup will be on site right around the same time that Nick and Louise and I will be reconnecting with you and initiating a new group of iSWOOP interpreters. They’ve agreed to give a talk and it seems like a good opportunity to use some of our iSWOOP approaches to make the most of this opportunity. Debbie and Diana want to know what subjects YOU are most interested in hearing about. I put together a short google form where you can enter your questions and preferences. You can access the form from the site; the link is under  Locations–on the Carlsbad page so that anyone from CAVE who wants to respond can easily get to the form (no password needed).

It would be great if you could answer within the next five days (by June 16) so they have a chance to prepare based on your input. The talk is tentatively a brown bag on Tuesday June 24.

Diana says they’re scheduled to arrive on June 19!

If you can help out with this event, let me know. Help means getting the word out and gathering responses from people who won’t express a preference on the website, but might put a dot on a list on a bulletin board and anything else you can think of.

Thanks y’all.