I have used the thermal camera on the iPhones twice now in Left Hand Tunnel. If you are not familiar, this tour is a historic lantern tour that travels down a passage where many bat studies have occurred (and some evidence of bats).

I found it ironic that the group made up primary of an older generation was very engaged with the use of technology whereas the younger group was interested but certainly did not latch on in the same manner.

I wonder is technology simply commonplace in younger society that we are not surprised by it…

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  1. Martha Merson says:

    I can’t speak for all the people in my age group or older, but I do notice that my friends and I talk about technology a lot, about how much we use our cell phones and when, how much we are Facebook and with what type of involvement. As you say, maybe the novelty for some of us hasn’t worn off yet. We are more actively trying to make sense of how the technology fits into the world as we have experienced it to this point in our lives.

    Did the younger group latch onto anything? Is it possible they were more reticent in general?