Accessing research articles

Hey iSWOOP Friends,

I recently learned that you can join for free and then access journal articles through their Research tab. They subscribe to EBSCO, which affords access to many publications. I’m curious to see what environmental education journals are available. You may find some but not all scientific journals relevant to your work as well.

Please share any discoveries you make here.

While I can’t tell you more about EBSCO, I can tell you that is supported by the National Science Foundation. It’s the website for CAISE, Center for Advancing Informal Science Education. On the website you can learn about all kinds of projects happening in outside of school, in museums, zoos, parks, after-school programs, libraries, and more. I get an email from them once a month, an electronic newsletter. No other strings attached that I know of.


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  1. Louise Allen says:

    I also recently discovered Sci Hub for access to science articles. I will not say that I have used it, since it is the napster of research papers :)